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Is it correct: cocino arroz bastante bien? I wanna say i can cook rice pretty well Do i need a 'el' in front of arroz? But why people say cocino una paella. Why we need the 'una' in front of paella in this case? Thanks a lot!
Feb 16, 2014 1:58 PM
Answers · 3
Hi Kawi, You must add "el" in your sentence: Cocino el arroz bastante bien. People say "cocino una paella" because "la paella" is a different dish that is made with rice. Hope this helps, Kawi!
February 16, 2014
For me, in a general context the article is not needed because you can't count the rice. It is the same case with paella. Although, both cases can accept the article. Let me consider some cases. If you already mentioned it, the article is required to know that you are talking about the same rice. For example, Preparé arroz, ensalada y pescado. El pescado lo hice a la plancha, cociné el arroz con poca sal. In additional, you have to be careful with the stress at the article el. If you say: cociné El arroz, it will be understood that your rice was very delicious or it has some unique feature. On the other hand, "cociné un arroz" or "cocine arroz" won't never have that meaning.
February 17, 2014
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