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miss afk
What is the meaning of the second half of this sentence? "여성들의 다리를 더 매끈하게 보이게 만들어 주는 아이템, 하이힐에 밴 발냄새를 없애기 위해서 넣는 것 중 넣어도 효과가 없는 것은?" I read this question, but I'm not really sure what it means... The first half of the sentence saying something like: item which can make women's legs look smoother... but the second one.. '하이힐에 밴 발냄새를 없애기 위해서 넣는 것 중 넣어도 효과가 없는 것은?'... is about something which cannot get rid of foot odor...? I'm not sure what the question wants actually..
Feb 16, 2014 8:22 PM
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You can read as 여성들의 다리를 더 매끈하게 보이게 만들어 주는 아이템(= 하이힐)에 밴(permeated) 발냄새를 없애기 위해서 넣는 것 중(Among the things to get rid of food odor), 넣어도 효과가 없는 것은?(Which one is of no effect?)
February 17, 2014
miss afk
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