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千本桜!What are these type of songs called?! So, recently I am listening to these types of songs. Please listen to them here: I want to know the name of these types of songs. By "these types" I mean that these songs contain instruments like 三味線 (and other traditional Japanese musical instruments / 和楽器 )、 and the singer sings in a very 'strong' voice and usually there is a person who dances along with the song using the Japanese Folding Fan ( 扇子). I hope my question was not very complicated! ありがとうございます!
17 Th02 2014 10:09
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正式なジャンル名は無いですが、"和風ロック" "和ロック" 撫子ロック"と呼ばれていたりします。 日本には有名な三味線奏者の吉田兄弟という人が居ます。興味があったら調べてみてください^_^
17 tháng 2 năm 2014
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