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How can I negate something in Arabic? In Modern Standard Arabic El Fos7a if I want to say " I'm not Arab" I say " ana lastu 3rabiya". But in colloquial Arabic I get confused. I say "ana msh 3rabiya" but I believe this is Egyptian Arabic. In Sham Arabic do they use "msh" or do they use "mo" or "ma"? wallah I'm so confused.
Feb 17, 2014 10:51 AM
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I guess you can say " ana mo 3arabiya" because " ana msh 3arabiya" it's egyptian
February 17, 2014
"ana msh 3rabiya" is Egyptian In Sham Arabic they use " mo " ana mo 3rabiya
February 18, 2014
hi how r u ??? i can teach you arabic and you can help you with english if you want and we can chat on skype too مرحبا كيفك؟ انا ممكن اعلمك عربي وانت كمان تساعديني بالانجليزي وممكن نحكي على السكايب marhaba keefek ? ana momken a3almek 3arabi w inty betsa3dene bel english w momken ne3mel chat 3ala il skype kman
April 25, 2014
Hi, I'd like to be language partners on italki. Hi . How are you ? I hope very well . I'm Hisham from Egypt . I'm accountant at ministry of communications . I'd like to be friends It's pleasure to help you to practice and progress your Arabic My ID on skype Hisham_hmhbm I'm waiting for your reply sorry If I disturbed you
April 3, 2014
looooooool :D you know its not a big deal iam Egyptien and some of Arabian accents i cant understand... so dont tired yourself with accents just focus in one .. "msh" or " mo " the difference between them is nothing its just u make a pet of "msh " to be " mo" :D :D hope u got it
March 8, 2014
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