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Problem with "that" Hi I'm French, learning English at school. For several years, I have done many mistakes concerning the use of the word "that", sometimes I put it in a sentence when I don't have to and sometimes I forget it. Is there a way to stop making this error ? Correct me also if there are mistakes in my question. Thanks and don't hesitate to add me because I'm new here.
Feb 17, 2014 11:42 AM
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hey Jeangil ,, we use " that" to point at something ,, i cannot count the cases we use "that" in ,, but just give examples to correct you
February 17, 2014
You can delete (not use) "that" in at least 2 situations. Situation #1: When it only introduces a noun clause. a. I think (that) France is beautiful. b. Did you know (that) Bolivia has two capitals? Situation #2: when it is a relative pronoun that refers to the object. a. I like the book (that) you wrote. ("that" refers to the object "book.") b. He has read the book (that) you are reading. (Same reason) You CANNOT delete the relative pronoun "that" if it is the subject: a. I like the book that is red. (Of course, you cannot say "I like the book is red.") b. Do you know another word that means "rich"? (Of course, you cannot say, "Do you know another word means "rich"?)
February 17, 2014
Hi Jeangil, Do you have any examples so we can see where you might be going wrong? Lee
February 17, 2014
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