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Min Southall
How to sign up to be an italki teacher Hi, im trying to find the options to become a language teacher, and I see from the help advise that I need to select language teachers and then 'apply to be a teacher' but I unfortunately do not see that option. Please could you tell me more clearly how I can do this. Also, I have my intensive weekend certificate from TEFL and I have had experience working in schools for 6 months in south korea, would I then be qualified to be a community tutor? Thank you in advance for all your help. Regards, Min
2014年2月17日 18:52
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Hi Min, The link you need is tucked down the right side of the page. Try this link: If that doesn't work, use this (it should take you to step one of your application): As you have a certificate and experience, you can choose to be either a tutor or a teacher. As a teacher you'd need to upload your certificate - only the admins will check it.
Min Southall
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