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What do these lines mean? please help.. Richie: Look, we all have our things that sound dumb to others. It helps me, okay? Some people have pills, other people have drugs. Patrick: Yeah, I don't mean to be disrespectful, but isn't like taking responsibility out of your hands? And worse than that, putting it into somebody else's? Richie: You don't have to listen to her(fortuneteller, i think). Patrick: Yeah, but the seed is planted. What do these line mean "isn't like taking responsibility out of your hands?" and "the seed is planted" in this context? I'm not a English native speaker so If you could help me understand these lines, I'd deeply appreciate your help :)
17 de Fev de 2014 às 23:40
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In this context; "isn't like taking responsibility out of your hands?" - Would mean not taking responsibility for your own actions or choices. When you leave your choices to someone else you "take them out of your hands" "the seed is planted" - Would mean that the fortunteller has given him an idea. And once you have an idea in your head it is hard to remove. Hence "the seed has been planted"
18 de Fevereiro de 2014
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