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Denisse Perales
what do you think about the use of technology in children? Do you agree? or not? Nowadays we can see children using celphones, tablets and computers in a easy way, but what about the disadvantage of this practice, are we helping them to improve their skilsl or are we damage them? Opinions please!
18. Feb 2014 06:14
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Correction: "What do you think about children using technology?" Your original sentence suggests implanting them with microchips and tracking them via GPS. It's better to post your topic here. Posts in the answers section "close" after a week. Also, why not tell us what you think first? :)
18. Februar 2014
woo, good topic, in my opinion, Children who use the electronic product is not good to way for their healthy because most of kids have the health problem of the game addicts, with the time by, electronic product will lose their eyesight and the score in the school. whats more, if the electronic product occpy their childhood' s fun, what will be leave in the native peroid?
18. Februar 2014
I think there is something lost when we become too reliant upon technology. A good example of this is when a pilot lost all controls on his panel. He was an older pilot who has trained to fly before guidance system. Using his thumb he was able to gauge his altitude based on the position of his thumb. He was thus able to give a more accurate reading of his altitude and position. Any pilot trained after the implementation of navigation systems would most likely have been lost without the use of his electronics. I think we are slowly eroding a lot of these basic skills from our children. Technology is fine, but over-reliance on technology can become dangerous when we are suddenly deprived of it. This is evident by the sense of panic we feel when we realized that we accidentally left our cell phones at home.
18. Februar 2014
Denisse Perales
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