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_° .。Moonlight
how improve ? how mprove the gramer?and i have other problem about learn other languages.i can only learn speaking.and i cant read it.but i wanna readit.its hard tolearn if u ant read anything.
18 de feb de 2014 13:41
Answers · 2
I agree with Anton – it is extremely helpful to read a wide variety of books and articles. In addition, it is helpful to write often in your target language, as you can learn how native speakers express their thoughts, rather than being fully intrenched in the formal/literary language. There are some other techniques – translating from your native language to your target language (while paying close attention to the patterns). You can practice these grammatical structures anywhere, at any time (when I wake up each morning, I challenge myself to say a Russian sentence with a difficult grammar structure – this helps the structure become more automatic). Another thing is to simplify your sentences and type them into Google. Here is an example of an incorrect sentence: "I have been writing since I had been a child." I put this sentence into Google, and I get in bold letters "since I was a child." Then you can connect this fragment to "I have been writing", because "since" is a conjunction. I hope this is helpful. Edik
18 de Febrero de 2014
Definitely, your grammar is lack. A cause is in lack of reading. But I think, if you could write this, you will be able to read. Better to read books (from a good publisher), not internet-forums. IMHO :-)
18 de Febrero de 2014
_° .。Moonlight
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