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Confusion~ Help me to understand some words! What are the meaning of the following? And, could you give me some examples? Please! ので のに だけど だから けどね なのに これから それから でしょ でしょう I saw people using these at the end of any sentence. I don't understand what any of these means. I use them but I don't know the exactly meaning. Please help! I will thank you!! :D
19. Feb 2014 00:16
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For ので, のに, なのに, read for an explanation how the part following the の can be omitted, and remember that で describes circumstances and に can describe a related fact as an indirect object. So you get の で = under these circumstances, that being the case の に, な の に = in spite of this, although, even though, however (な is grammatical, depends on which word comes before) から is the particle for "from X on, since X, after X", so これ から = after this それ から = after that だ is the state-of-being copula (, けど is a very week "but", so だ けど = however だ から = so, therefore けどね = but-particle + "ne"-gobi (expecting agreement) でしょ/でしょう = expresses a fair amount of certainty, but politely = it seems, I guess, I wonder, ... (described on, it looks like the volitional form of です, but I'm not sure if it actually is) The native speakers will be able to give better examples than I can.
19. Februar 2014
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