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Paulo Henrique
Books in German? I looking for books in German with a nice story, in order to improve my vocabulary. I read some easy German books with fictional stories for beginners, but now I want other materials. Do you know any? Just tell me the name and I search it here. Danke in voraus! :-)
Feb 19, 2014 5:08 PM
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Hi Paulo, I recently came across the following interesting book: "Um Brasileiro em Berlim / Ein Brasilianer in Berlin" written by João Ubaldo Ribeiro I've got the bilingual edition: The left page is written in Portuguese and the right page in German, so it's very convenient for language learning because the translation is right there in case you don't understand a word or a sentence.
February 19, 2014
If you want to get intermediate stories for German learners, try, for example, Lextra Lernkrimis published by Carlsen Verlag. They come with an audio CD which might be helpful. It seems as if it they are also available as mobile apps: The other well-known publisher is compact: If you are interested in (German/Europen) fairy tales, try this website: (It's easy German for hearing-impaired people who learn German as a second language (sign language is their native "tongue").)
February 19, 2014
That's a great question! There are lots of good German language books around. Of course, it all depends what you're level is right now. Looking at your profile it seems you are still somewhere at the start which means that you're probably restricted in what you understand. As such I would recommend to stick to maybe children's books, e.g. Michael Ende's Jim Knopf or books by Janosch. The last one is also popular with adults. If you want "proper" stories you could try and find "Heftromane", e.g. the series of Jerry Cotton crime stories or the John Sinclair horror novels (not too horrific). These are generally 64 pages, published weekly and written in normal but not too demanding German. (High literature they sure ain't. LOL) The downside: They are usually only on sale in German railway stations and difficult to get outside of Germany. Some, however, may also be available in eFormat. Here e,g, is one that can be ordered to download for free: Last but not least: Look for "zweisprachige Bücher", i.e. books that are available both in English and German for parallel reading.
February 19, 2014
Paulo Henrique
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