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miss afk
"색깔부터 예쁘네" ... the use of '-부터' here? I know '-부터' has a few meanings... But in this sentence, i'm not really sure.. The speaker is testing a cream, and she said "색깔부터 예쁘네".. Does she mean 'It looks good from the color'.. or?
19 févr. 2014 20:30
Answers · 4
This case mean say of admiration something. for an example 저 자동차를 봐! 색깔부터 예쁘네 Look at the car! color from pretty and we also use this sentence when we express distance. for an example 나는 서울에서 부터 부산까지 운전을 해야돼. I have to drive to Seoul from Busan.
20 février 2014
miss afk
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