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About "Friday morning" Could you help me to tell if these are correct? And why? Thanks I will see you on Friday. I will see you Friday. I will see you Friday morning I will see you in Friday morning. I will see you on Friday morning.
2014년 2월 20일 오전 2:55
Answers · 6
"I will see you in Friday morning" is not something a native English speaker would say (in USA). The others are all all correct. "on" is optional in this phrase in modern English. Note that "I will see you in the morning" is perfectly fine, but we do not say "in Friday morning."
2014년 2월 20일
Mike is correct on all counts. Why say "on" and not "in"? In general, "in" is used for open-ended periods of time, whereas "on" is for more specific periods. "In the evening" is correct, as in "on Friday". "We will schedule the meeting in July, probably on July 23rd".
2014년 2월 20일
其实 today 加不加on都行, 不加on 表示泛指,today 此时是副词: 加上on后 强调是在今天这个特定的时间,today 又变成了 名词 :)
2014년 2월 20일
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