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Can you translate this for me? PLease someone translate me this video from YouTube thanks a lot- Arigato :-)
Feb 20, 2014 5:31 PM
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I only translated audio of this video. If you want to know about the letters on it, feel free to ask me! --------------------------------------------- Helpful and cheerful friends support me. They always encourage me. 0:17- The adventure in Kalos district h -as just begun. There will be a lot of hard battles with new rivals, from new Pokemon to old ones. Cute one, spooky one, and cool one! A girl:How noisy! Satoshi:What the heck... A lot of incidents and mysteries, meetings and departures, and firm friendships! We will have a lot of things on our journey. A girl:How lovely! 1:07- A woman:Starlight Mega-shinka! The deepening mystery of Mega-shinka. A woman with a hood:I am Madam X, and this is Calamanero. You are my suboridenates from now on. Satoshi:Pikachu! Madam X:Let me see your power. 1:45 The worst Pokemon, Calamanero has appeared. A cat-type pokemon:This will change the world, and then our great plan will start. Satoshi:Calamanero... What a horrible pokemon. 2:08- A woman:Please see the battles outsied on the terrace, sir. A new battle 'Battle Chateau'! A man:I hope a good battle. A woman:Me too. The man:I will defeat your strong point, that is, your speed! Ganseki Fuuji(meaning, press with a rock) Satoshi:What is the technique! A boy:He is something. (I'm sorry I can't hear this part. The boy seems to be saying the man's name.) The man:Luster Canon! The woman:Amedama! 2:41- The man (to Satoshi):Your Pikachu is quite strong. I look forward to a battle with you. Satoshi:Yes!
February 21, 2014
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