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what is "to get along with somebody" in arabic? to get along with someone - this is used in UK alot , if a person is" easy to get a long with" it means you can easily become friends with this person or be on good terms with him/her and there are no arguments or negative feelings. " this person is easy to get a long with, some people are hard to get a long with"
20 lut 2014 19:28
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it means : ينسجم
20 lutego 2014
The expression I would prefer to use is: سَهْل المَعْشَر هذا شخصٌ سَهْل المَعْشَر، بعض الأشخاص من الصعب معاشرتهم
20 lutego 2014
هذا الشخص سهل الاندماج , بعض الناس من الصعب الاندماج معهم get along with= يندمج
20 lutego 2014
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