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japanese statement "THE" AND "A" HELP Ill try to explain as best as I can... Since "A" and "THE" are omitted from the Japanese vocabulary would they be implied by context? Example below: Lets imagine that you are walking with a friend down a sidewalk and you notice an animal a few feet away. You say: Inu da (is dog) Now lets say that you previously knew about the animal and were talking to your friend about it. Would it be implied that you are pointing out "THE DOG" when you see it instead of "A DOG?" If not, how would you imply that it is The Dog? Hope you understand my question...
20 de Fev de 2014 às 23:23
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Yes, it is. In fact, a lot of languages don’t have articles. If you have the real need to distinguish the dog, you can always say for example この犬 this dog. Or you say “my dog”, “the dog I gave a bone yesterday”, etc. Otherwise it is inferred from context, whether you speak of a dog, the dog, or even dogs in general (as Japanese also does not have plural).
21 de Fevereiro de 2014
I think if you watched the dog before, then you can say 'The dog!'. Sono inu (da)! Normally we say 'That dog'. =Ano inu (da)! That means the dog what we watched it before. If you just watch a dog, then we just say 'inu da'. You connect 'the' and 'that' in front of the noun, we notice that we watched the object or something before. If you want to emphasis about the object, then you can say that or the. I hope it will help.
21 de Fevereiro de 2014
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