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Why does it need "semi-colon"? In one study, Burger set up a booth at a campus and sold cupcakes. Some customers who approached the table were told that the cupcakes cost 75 cents each. Others were told that they cost a dollar; but then, before they could respond, the price was reduced to 75 cents. Why does it need "semi-colon" between the sentence "they cost a dollar" and the conjunction "but". It always makes me hard. Please help me!! Thanks!^ ^
21 lut 2014 02:52
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Graham explained it pretty well. A semi colon should be used to separate two independent clauses, but it helps link the two clauses together and show they are in some way related. It is used to show a more prominent link between the clauses than would, say, a period or other form of punctuation.
21 lutego 2014
The semi-colon is used to "link" two sentences. The sentences should be talking about the same idea, or same topic. You *could* have that sentence with just a comma instead, and that would be fine. But the semi-colon reads as a "pause", so it reads better. Maybe somebody can explain it better than this ...
21 lutego 2014
Yeah, I mistook. Thanks for advising!
23 lutego 2014
"It always makes me hard." ...That doesn't mean what you think it means. You should really look it up.
21 lutego 2014
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