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Questions about the word 凑合. I have just come across the word 凑合 for the first time. I'm a little confused about it's usage and how to translate it. The sentence in my text using it is: 村长说, 找这么一个人也不容易,先让她凑合一个月吧。 The full paragraph reads: 水泉小学的高老师要回家看望病病重的母亲,村长从邻村找来只上过小学的魏敏芝给高老师代一个月的课。高老师件魏敏芝只有三十四岁,不想要。村长说, 找这么一个人也不容易,先让她凑合一个月吧。 Q1: Is the head of the village basically saying to the senior teacher, put up with 魏敏芝 for a month? 村长说, 找这么一个人也不容易,先让她凑合一个月吧。How would you translate this line? Q2: I have also noticed that 凑合 can be used to mean 'okay'. When it is used this way, is it saying it is better or worse than 不错, or is the level about the same? Q3: Please can you show me some more example sentences using 凑合, please. Thank you.
Feb 21, 2014 9:05 AM
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Although she is not the right person for that, but no one to do it at present, so let her do the job. It means "less is better than nothing".
February 21, 2014
今天家里没做什么菜,你凑合着吃吧。 这个视频有点模糊,凑合看吧。
February 21, 2014
1) I think maybe ''settle for'' or ''make do with" is a proper translation. Let's make do with 魏敏芝 for a month. 2) It's a little than 不错. Something 凑合 is just up to standard but not very good. 3) 这间房小是小了点,可我们也没别的房了,你就先凑合住吧。 这次你考得虽然不是太好,但也凑合了,别太灰心。 By the way, 高老师 does not mean "a senior teacher". 高 is the surname of the teacher. The Chinese word for "a senior teacher" is 高级教师.
February 21, 2014
Q1: 村长说, 找这么一个人也不容易,你就凑合一个月吧。她凑合:她比较不情愿;你凑合:你比较不情愿。 Q2: 凑合有“差不多就行,将就,勉强”的意思,“不错”是很好的意思。凑合更worse Q3:句子一般是 xxx 不太好,我们凑合用吧/你凑合用吧。
February 22, 2014
yes it can mean less better than nothing. sometimes it means not bad.
February 21, 2014
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