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good morning or morning If I want to say good morning, can I just say morning? If I can just say morning, what's the difference between good morning and morning?
Feb 21, 2014 2:48 PM
Answers · 7
In UK most people will say "Good morning". You can say "Morning", but I believe "Good morning" is more popular. Conclusion: Use "Good morning".
February 21, 2014
You can just say 'morning', at least in Australia. It's very common here. Just saying 'morning' is more casual than 'good morning'. You'd be more likely to say 'morning' to people like friends or strangers than to professors or colleagues.
February 21, 2014
"Good morning" is the standard phrase. Like any casual form or piece of slang, it's best to wait until you hear other people using "morning" before you start using it.
February 21, 2014
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