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Trouble building grammar for long sentence. How would you say "I'm starting to see how important it is to practice saying sentences aloud." in Japanese. I can imagine some pieces, like: 声で, 文を話す and 始めている. I'm just not sure how to to say the rest of it. Thanks =)
23. Feb 2014 14:28
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I would say: 声にだして文章を読みながら練習することがどんなに重要なことなのかわかってきました。 I'm starting to see = わかってきた how important it is = どんなに重要なこと to practice = 練習すること saying sentences aloud = 声にだして文章を言いながら (in this case 読みながら is better) I hope this was helpful.
23. Februar 2014
大声で日本語の練習をすることの大切さがやっと分かってきました。 It's not what you wrote word for word, but I think it's what some people would say in Japanese.
23. Februar 2014
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