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How do you say - ‘It was my pleasure!' I know its something like (in pinyin) wo hen le yi ba ma, but i dont know the characters. and i dont mean wo hen rong xing (我很荣幸), which is what google is telling me :(
Feb 23, 2014 2:42 PM
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It was my pleasure.= 我很荣幸/为您服务是我的荣幸 We say the sentence after helping people. wo hen le yi bang mang =我很乐意帮忙=with pleasure .(很乐意为您效劳) we say this sentence before dong what people want to be helped
February 24, 2014
it's wrong to apply foreign culture rules to Chinese language
February 23, 2014
我很乐意帮忙。 Is it this?
February 23, 2014
The characters are "我很乐意帮忙".If someone thank you for your help,he will say"谢谢你",and then you may answer "不用谢".
February 27, 2014
Well I know you really want to find a proper sentence to match it. But sometimes it's really difficult to, Like the one you asked. 我很乐意这样做 Can be used But still not perfect.
February 25, 2014
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