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运动还是体育?照片还是照相?办法、方式、和方法是什么意思What are the differences between these words
Feb 24, 2014 2:58 AM
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运动means do exercise,体育always means physical education,especially in school,we have a class called 体育. 照片 means photo,picture,noun,照相 means take a picture ,verb 办法 means method,ex:我有办法(means i have a idea,i know how todo something,it's concrete) 方式 means mode\manner\style,ex:做人的方式(means how to be a man,it's abstract) 方法 means approach,ex:学习方法(means a way to learn,well,sometimes 方式和方法也可以互换) ex:你的方式\方法不对(the way you did is wrong),这是个好办法(this is a good idea or method) If you still have any questions,youcan ask me :)
February 24, 2014
照片=picture 照相是用照相机帮别人照出来的图片 办法=遇到问题,或者难事。例如:这个问题有很多种解决的办法 方法=为达到某种目的而采取的途径、步骤、手段等。 方式:创作方式、生活方式、生产方式、制造方式、管理方式、思维方式 方式概念大一些,方法概念小一些
February 24, 2014
运动 = sports 体育 = PE 照片 = 照相 办法 = 方法 = method 方式 = way
February 24, 2014
运动it's concrete.for example, playing basketball or football, swimming, jogging and so on, 体育 in english it's physical education. but it not only mean that. if someone says I work at 体育,maybe he is a teacher or an athlete. I think it makes a general reference. 照片 means photo,picture,noun,照相 means take a picture ,verb (as amber said) 办法 means idea 方式 means way\manner\,ex:合作方式 (方式 is absract as amber said.) 方法 means method, ex:学习方法 (方法 is concrete generally. bust sometimes 方法 and 方式 is the same mean. ) I hope this can help you!
February 24, 2014
what is the different between sport and athletics and movement ....
August 20, 2014
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