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What does "incentives" mean in the context? Democracy today is complex. Defining democracy as a majority rule that benefits all people is too simplistic to be useful. Rather, democracy is best understood as a system that spreads power through its institutions and procedures so that the domination of one person, group, or interest can be kept to a minimum. Domination, an unethical form of power, can be political, economic, or social in nature. Power, or domination, cannot be extinguished. Therefore, power must be spread throughout the system so that it is not embodied in any one individual or institution. [A democratic system includes incentives so that people will voluntarily and collectively participate in politics in a thoughtful and deliberative manner.] Because everyone participates in shaping the political regime and its institutions, no one is able to overly impose his or her power on another. What does "incentives" mean in the context?
24 февр. 2014 г., 7:08
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An "incentive" motivates or encourages some behavior. So, the sentence means that a democracy will motivate participation in politics.
24 февраля 2014 г.
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