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How to think in English? people say that I should think in English in order to learn it. How could I think in English when my mother tongue is not English? Can anybody tell me?
Feb 24, 2014 12:04 PM
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The most obvious start is to practise the grammar patterns and words, based on the example sentences you already have. To me, thinking in English means calling to mind the words English speakers use (vocabulary) in the way they organise those words (syntax and grammar). Trying to translate between your mother tongue and another language is tiring, time-consuming and leads to mistakes.
February 24, 2014
You can't think English like you can't fill full glass of water because it's overfilled. At first, you just need to empty the glass of water, so stop thinking at all. And only then you may start thinking another way, possible. =)
February 24, 2014
thank you) Sunny
February 25, 2014
You will naturally think in your mother tongue but after that try to think how to say same sentence(s) in English. Then gradually start talking to yourself in English in your train of thoughts. It is a slow process, one step at a time. And there is no standard way of doing it. Different people will devise different ways. You do it as you feel comfortable. Basically you have to talk to yourself in English in your mind.
February 25, 2014
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