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Can I call a hired van 《маршрутка》? If not, what should I call it? Thanks
Feb 24, 2014 4:05 PM
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No, you can't :) Маршрутка - is only for small buses (minivans), which carry people for money. They have special number plates on the front screens, usually there are white or yellow, and the van brand name is very often "Газель". Also, the drivers wear the cap and there is special music inside the маршрутка, such as music from following radio stations "Авторадио" и "Радио шансон" :) The van, which you hire to move load, you should call just "грузовик" or "машина". For example, "Я нанял грузовик/машину, чтобы перевезти вещи. Он/Она приедет через час, будь готов." If you say "Я нанял Газель, чтобы перевезти вещи...", everyone understands you, even if you get Mercedes instead of "Газель" to carry your load :)
February 25, 2014
'маршрутка' is a minibus which travels along the same fixed route (route -- маршрут, hence the name) as the regular bus. The difference is: it’s not scheduled and it’s faster because they skip stops if nobody gets off. The hired van used to transport goods (for example if you move to a new appartment) is called 'грузовое такси'.
February 24, 2014
There is no English equivalent for the word "маршрутка". So, you can call it "marshrutka". You can also call it "share taxi" or "minibus taxi".
February 24, 2014
In use it is "jitney" (am.) - the fixed-route bus with request stops. You can call "маршрутка" for example, a "transfer bus" with fixed route between an airport and fixed hotels, if you pay cash to bus-driver.
February 24, 2014
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