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Neiry Astrid López
what is the most beautiful place for travel in the world? I am from México, we have a beautiful beaches like Cancún, Los cabos, etc. but i know that places like Tailandia was a beautiful place for a vacations, so What is the most beautiful place that you know?
25. Feb 2014 17:25
Answers · 11
I know one beautiful place in Ukraine - lake Sinevir. It is place when beating heart...
25. Februar 2014
This is just a matter of opinion. Niagara falls was amazing, and jaw dropping. But some people prefer more calm and subtle beauty, so it's impossible to give just one answer.
4. März 2014
i think the place comes beautiful with our feeling with the people with me i can go to the same place twice but every time vision is different
28. Februar 2014
Please try googling "Lijiang" (a historical town in Yunnan Province in China) for some more detailed information. Actually I'm planing to travel there this summer after I saw a drama about its history (called "Mufu Fengyun"). Anyway, for your reference. Hope it can help.
4. März 2014
Its lake manasarovar in Mount Kailash. Beautiful view and a unspeakable peace and happiness that you get when you visit, you can't get this anywhere i think so.
3. März 2014
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