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How are the different words for "never" used? In my ongoing journey learning Turkish I've come across multiple words meaning the same, at least in the dictionary. Therefor this question is part of a series of questions, regarding those words. For this time, the word "never". It has two Turkish words - "hiç" and "asla". 1. Could you please explain the difference, if there is one, and 2. provide example sentences which show the differential meaning of the two words? This would be great! :) Teşekkür ederim!
Feb 25, 2014 5:29 PM
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''Hiç'' indicates the non existence of something. So you can think ''hiç'' as ''non'',''nothing'', ''any'', ''never'' Examples: A:Naber?- What's up? B:Hiç.- Nothing. A: Hiç paran yok mu?- Don't you have any money? B: Hiç-Non A:Hiç mi sevmedin?- You loved me never? B: Hiç.- Never. A: Hiç mi sevmedin?- You loved me never? B: İçimde hiç sevgi kalmadı. - There isn't any love left inside me. Asla means never. Examples: Asla oraya gitmem - I will never go there. Asla söylemem - I will never tell that. Bunu asla yapma. Never do that. I tried to build sentences which you can see asla and hiç easily, so English sentences sounded unnatural, sorry for that :)
February 26, 2014
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