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What is the meaning of this sentence? Pepper spray up close and personal(I didn't understand what "up close" meansSorry what it meant
Feb 26, 2014 4:00 PM
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"up close & personal" is a standard expression. It means targeted to you, not aimed at many people, but in this case you. . It can be used for interviews. Some interviews are about a person, & general....... An "up close & personal" interview" asks questions that are more specific to the person & deeper....... . In this case the encounter with pepper spray was not a general familiarity, nor a spay of the crowd in general, it was a spray to one person & with some effect.
February 26, 2014
It means very near. Very near to someone else.
February 26, 2014
Hi, Can you help me? This is my answer for the Writing task 1 in the IELTS test, please check and correct for me, thanks a lots Link of question ( Cambridge for Ielts 5, page 29): My answer: " The line chart reflects the figure for people aged 65 yeas old in three selected countries from 1940 to 2040. Overall, it is clear that the percentage of 65 year-old people increased sharply, thought at varying degrees. More specifically, in 1940, the figure for population aged 65 was hightest in America. By contrast, in this year, the propotion of people aged 65 years old was lowest in Japan, after ten centuries, this figure was hightest, over 25%. In 1940-1980 period, the percentage of 65 year olds in the USA saw a slight growth by 15%. Then, this figure fluctuated in fourty years. In addition, the 2020-2040 period experienced a more noticeable increase in population aged 65 figures in America from 14% to 23%. At this point on wards, the figure for 65 year-old people rised strongly to 26% in Sweden, althought this period experienced some fluctuations. The figure for people of this group saw a gradually increase in Japan from 1940 to 2020. After 20 years, this figure went up to 27%." Your correction will make me better, thanks :)
March 13, 2014
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