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can you tell more about phrasel and verbs?
Feb 27, 2014 6:16 AM
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We use phrasal verbs very commonly, and to us, they are the simplest way to explain something. The best advice I can give is to learn them in context. Trying to understand them in a dictionary will just make you confused and frustrated. Don't be scared of their many meanings; they are always clear to us. :)
February 27, 2014
Here is an example - the verb TO BREAK. You can add a preposition to it, and it will mean something different. This makes them challenging. break down - when a car stops functioning // when you get upset // when you divide something into smaller parts ***MANY MEANINGS*** break in - enter a building forcefully // wear clothing until it is comfortable // to interrupt a conversation ***MANY MEANINGS*** break up - end a relationship // or a phone call that has static break out - escape // or to develop a skin condition // or to spread rapidly
February 27, 2014
I have a very informative lesson planned on phrasal verbs. Why not book a session with me? Regards Leigh
February 27, 2014
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