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Dominik Symonowicz
doughnut (donuts in US) 甜甜圈 vs 油炸圈饼 How You say doughnut in Chinese? 甜甜圈 or 油炸圈饼 ? I just planning eat to write about Fat Thursday in Chinese Today is Fat Thursday Day in Poland. Fat Thursday Day is a traditional Christian feast marking the last Thursday before Lent and is associated with the celebration of Carnival. We eat doughnut .I ate 10 doughnuts today. I like doughnut very much ,but I can't eat too much,as I am to big and I don't want looks like an elephant.
27 فبراير 2014 13:06
Answers · 7
甜甜圈 in Mainland China
27 فبراير 2014
臺灣 : 甜甜圈
27 فبراير 2014
甜甜圈 or 多拿滋
28 فبراير 2014
我建議 Fat Thursday Day 譯作 "超量"星期四 譯作 "油脂" 或 "肥胖" 似乎離題了 (當天盡可能地吃是節日的重點 食物有無油脂 或 吃過後身體有無變胖 均非所問)
27 فبراير 2014
Dominik Symonowicz
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