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Which is good source of data to analyze translation of English Idiom? novels,movie script, or other?
27 de feb de 2014 14:55
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A good "source of data" is a human being who knows the language well. Idioms are figurative expressions, so I don't recommend a dictionary because you'll just get a basic definition. I often see students use the wrong idiom because of this approach. Let someone explain the idea behind the idiom, as well as the general meaning. So much more fun.
27 de Febrero de 2014
Internet is the best option because there are plenty to do over there but you have to be careful because translation is not good at all, you should understand the context in which you use any word, if you are from any non-English speaker I recommend using a English-English dictionary to learn all context to one word. Greetings.
27 de Febrero de 2014
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