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How can I speak authentic and specialized English Due to operational work requirements, I need to speak professional English. If necessary, I need to make a face to face conversation with foreigners
28 de feb de 2014 7:05
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As Bobby stated before me, the best way to learn how to speak naturally in English is to speak with someone who is a native English speaker. For example, you could talk to the native English speaker as if they were a customer, and they could correct you so that it sounds professional. If you would like to take some lessons, I would gladly help :)
28 de Febrero de 2014
Is it possible for you to claim lessons as a tax deduction? :) As wells as speaking to other English speakers in general (both native and non-native), it sounds as if you should take professional lessons. I teach Business English at professional level (writing, speaking, and so on), so I'm sure I can help you.
28 de Febrero de 2014
Just to add to the previous two answers, you could maybe also use programs like Skype to speak to other people using a video conference if a face to face dicussion is not possible.
28 de Febrero de 2014
The only way is to speak with a 'native' speaker , I'm not sure on your level of English abilities , but I would be more than happy to assist you. Message me if you request further assistance :)
28 de Febrero de 2014
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