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May I trouble you to translate an English sentence into Japanese ❶Shakespeare , Mozart, Darwin,and Einstein . シェイクスピア、モーツァルト、ダーウィン、 ❷What do these world famous figures in the arts and sciences have in common ? 芸術と科学において世界的に有名な人物の共通点はなんですか? ❸All of them permanently changed the way that humanity perceive the world. 彼らは皆 ❹Each possessed something we call genius. 各自、何かに夢中になった人々を我々は天才とよぶ。 ❺But pressed to be more precise,we find it remarkable hard to define genius,especially among individuals of our own time.しかし、より確実にするために、我々は極めて硬い定義を見つける。特に、個人間における私たち自身の時間について。
Feb 28, 2014 9:52 AM
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If you write this question under the "Japanese" category instead of "English" (you can select the category while writing the question) I think you will get the sentences translated into Japanese by others! では、頑張ってね。\(^___^)/
March 1, 2014
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