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what does this mean? 用の i the sentence below? I have this sentence: 20%の店に家族用の部屋を作った居酒屋チェーンもあります I'm not sure how to translate - it the 'you' here means business or service or something else completely? Is a translation would be: izakaya chain added to 20% of it's shops a family service room? Or am I completely off here? The article is talking about adding rooms that have toys to be able to bring kids to the izakaya. Please write in English and Romaji only, It would be hard for me to understand explanation in Japanese. Thanks in advance!!
1 de mar de 2014 17:48
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The "you" here means "for (somthing)" I would translate this sentence like... There are even izakaya chains which made rooms for families at 20% of their stores.
1 de Marzo de 2014
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