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How to use 未知 correctly? I recently learnt the word 未知. In my dictionary it says it can be a verb meaning 'be unaware of'' or ' be ignorant of', or a adjective meaning unknown. One of the example sentences in the dictionary was 到目前为止,我们依然未知冥王星的实际情况。Until now, we still know nothing about the planet Pluto. However when I wrote a sentence using it in the same way ' 直到现在我未知太阳耀斑的危险, all the corrections said it was wrong and changed it to 我(都)不知道. What was wrong with the way I used it? Is the dictionary definition incorrect? Please can you show me some examples of using 未知. Thank you
Mar 1, 2014 8:08 PM
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The dictionary is right.未知means unknown,but the subject is always mankind,not a person .In most .cases,未知 is used as a adjective.Here are examples.人类依然未知银河系以外的世界。 他对自己面临的危险依然未知。
March 2, 2014
你的词典的释义是完全正确的。 未知=尚未知晓 meaning not yet know 作为动词,经常会用到这样的句型:直到现在,人们依然(or仍然)未知….(by now, people still know nothing about…/be still puzzled by …) or,对于。。。,依然(仍然)未知。 (… still unknown) 把依然(仍然)+ 未知,这样听起来比较自然。 常常用作形容词,比如,未知领域,未知生物,未知数,未知宇宙等等。 例句:科学家对于人类未知领域一直进行着不断的探索。
March 3, 2014
My dear friend. 未知 Can be seen Frequently in Chinese But not when it is used as a verb. The most commonly used sentence When it's a verb That I can recall is 未知你意下如何? It means Do you agree,or are you satisfied.
March 3, 2014
未知: 1,可以做名词:the unknown 例句:这条路通向未知。( occasionally used) 2, 可以形容词:unknown 例句:这条路通向未知的世界。(most commonly used ) 3, 可以做动词:do not know 例句:她全然未知这条路通向的那个世界。( rarely used, with 依然/ 全然/ 仍然/ 依旧, can not be used after the subject directly. only used in formal language or writing , or Cantonese) 4, you can use 不知道 anywhere, in your writing or daily life.
March 3, 2014
“未知” can be an adjective,形容人们还不知道的事情; '未知“ can be a verb, ”依然未知“和”依然不知道“是一个意思,”不知道“更为口语化或者通俗化。口语当中或日常会话中,”未知“用作形容词的情形比较多,将”未知“用作动词的情形可能会少些。
March 3, 2014
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