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what is the difference between PEOPLE and PERSONS could you explain wit examples/ Thanks a lot
2 de mar de 2014 16:52
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Generally in the modern day, we usually use "person" only in the singular. (If I am correct, it's like человек). We generally use "people" as the plural of "person". (like люди). However, I believe that you can, technically, use "persons" as the plural of "person". I'm not sure there is any good rule about this, but I found a web article which claims that "persons" is used more in legal or very formal writing. (It's a short article and you can find it here: But using it will sound less common in most situations today. So, technically, you could say both: There are five people working here. (more common) There are five persons working here. (much less common, it sounds a little bookish) Another example where people, to my ear sounds much better is the following: People are often unreliable these days. "Persons are often unreliable these days" sounds very strange. Hope this helps!
2 de Marzo de 2014
Persons and people are both words , however like Janiece said , we rarely or never use persons in colloquial conversation. It's always people when referring to multiple 'persons' or person if we are talking about an individual. Cheers , have a nice day.
2 de Marzo de 2014
... The formatting changed. First person singular: I am a person First person plural: We are people Second person singular: You are a person. Third person singular: He/She/it is a person. Third person plural: They are people.
2 de Marzo de 2014
Good question! "Persons" is not a word. SINGULAR PLURAL 1.) I am a person. We are people 2.) You are a person 3.) He/she/it is a person They are people.
2 de Marzo de 2014
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