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near to / fishes I ´ve seen this written -- It was near to the sea I got shocked because I never write a preposition after near . Can this be correct some way? In the same way i saw : fishes , And I know it is an irregular noun with fish for plural and sing as well. Can I use fishes in some contexts? Thankyou ever so much
2. März 2014 20:44
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I understand "to" as meaning "in the direction of" or "towards". It's not common, but it can work. "Fishes" is an odd one. You can say "fishes" to mean "different kinds of fish", but it also has a poetic or biblical feel. You're right that "fish" is the standard plural. Interesting story behind that one. I wonder if the text you are reading has these forms to deliberately give a poetic feel.
2. März 2014
But we do say 'I'm sitting nearer to him than I would like' for example
17. März 2014
I live near to the sea. It's a common way of saying it. "He always sits near to the window" "They like to be near to their daughter so they've bought a house in the same street" etc. Possibly it is used in this way because we say "next to" "close to" the "to" becomes a familiar sound. Fishes is an alternative form. As Peachey has said, often it has a poetic or biblical feel. We use it in the expression of surprise "Ye Gods and little fishes!" I have a friend who prefers to say fishes, and he can do so if he wishes!
2. März 2014
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