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How can I use 등/위 as the meaning of ranking??? Idk what is the difference between them ;;;; Sometimes I see ppl use 1등 and sometimes 1위 Thank you in advance.
Mar 3, 2014 8:36 AM
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The word, such as "위(位)" or "등(等)", are unit nouns used for a rank or postion in competition or ordered list. For examples, 일 위, 일 등, 일등 the first postion/rank. 이 위, 이 등, 이등, the second position/rank 삼 위, 삼 등, 삼등, the third position/rank. ... In addtion, the word 등 can be used as a noun suffix, like 일-등, 이-등, 삼등, etc. And the word 등위(等位) or 등급(等級) is a collective noun, used for classes or grades or degrees in particular things which belongs to. For examples, 일 등급, 일 등위, the first class/grade/degree 이 등급, 이 등위, the second class/grade/degree. 삼 등급, 삼 등위, the third class/grade/degree. ....
March 3, 2014
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