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What is the proper way to say "Doer of good/benevolent person" v'ivrit? Thank you very much in advance for helping me with this question. :) I am curious to know what the proper way to say "Doer of good/benevolent person" is in Hebrew (transliteration pls. as I am just learning the characters). I have come up with a couple of similar words (Gitel, Tzadik) online, but I suspect they are not super-close translations. Thank you again, Michelle/Mikhal
2014年3月3日 15:16
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Gitel is Yiddish. Tzadik is technically a correct answe, but it carries a religious context (more of a "good jew" than a good person) There are many possible translations depending on the context. a few are: Ish tov / Isha tova - Good man/woman (adjectives receive gender too!) Adam tov - Good person ("adam" is male but can serve as an unspecific catch-all, not unlike "person") Osseh tov - doer of good, literally. Nadiv / Nedivah (m/f) - generous, also the closest word to "benevolent" in Hebrew Shokher tov - good willing (archaic)
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