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How do you say "to like" in your dialecT? كيف تقول "to like" في العاميتك. أعرف أن الناس كثير تقولوا "يحب" لكن أدركت مؤخرا أن في كلمة ثانية في العامية المصرية "عاجباني" أكتب أمثلة من فضلك. شكرا -حاتم
Mar 3, 2014 9:21 PM
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i like this t.shirt = القميص ده عاجبنى = حلو القميص i like this song احب هذه الاغنيه = عجبانى الاغنيه = حلوه الاغنيه = جامده الاغنيه عجبانى او تحفه او جامده دى فى العاميه
March 3, 2014
اهلا ، بالعامىة الجزائرىة كلمة (احبك) تقال لكن بالشرق الجزايرى يقال ( اشتيك ) ويقال في الغرب ( ابغيك) و عندنا كذالك القبائل الاءمازيغية يقولوا ( حملاخ كام
March 9, 2014
شكرا :)
March 4, 2014
There is an unlimited amount of equivalent words in Arabic, and they also differ in each accent. But here are a few ones: عاجبتني/عاجباني is when you say you like something feminine,عاجبني for masculine "بحب/أحب" "أموت/بموت فى" if you wanna say that you like something very much. "أعشق" Is almost like: I love passionately "أعبد" Some people use it which literally means to worship, but it can be used as to be deeply in-love with something. There are a lot of other words but these all can be used to express your liking for someone or something -except for the last one which is used to describe your love towards somebody- I hope this helped
March 4, 2014
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