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I don't know what the results refer to. Nature is effectively a giant laboratory where trial-and error experiments are conducted, and through evolution the results are implemented, self maintained and continually evolving to address the changing challenges. 1)I don't know what the results refer to. Are the results made from nature's trial-and error? 2)What does "implemented" mean in the context?
Mar 3, 2014 11:08 PM
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the result refer to as evolution do... yes ofc, the result base on that, evelotion in nature is based on nature's trial-and error. implemented= do mmm, for example in the past, we didnt have trees and flowers like as we can see. first green plants lived in water by evelotion they could access Xylem (which can conduct water in plants) and they could come out of water. by time they changed and changed, but during this changing some of plants had some changes in genes and for example flowers in a place were all white by changing in gene (like a motivation) they could produce a red-white flower so it was attractive for insect and by time insect just sit on red flowers and red flowers got more and more and co insects didnt like white one, they removed. they didnt live more coz there were no insect for them . so its nature selection!
March 3, 2014
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