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Is this sentence correct? The boy drew his sneakers with a black marker. (He wanted to change their color.)
4 mars 2014 19:15
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Very close but that sentence is not quite correct. To make it correct you would say...'the boy drew ON his sneakers with a black marker' or...'the boy used a black marker to draw on his sneakers' However, this sentence makes it sound like the boy only did a small drawing on his sneakers...if he wanted to change their colour completely it would be better to say...'the boy drew ALL OVER his sneakers with a black marker' I hope that helps! :)
4 mars 2014
Yes, his parents couldn't afford a new pair.
4 mars 2014
Context please. It could be an artist, or more likely, someone who could not afford to buy shoes.
4 mars 2014
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