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What is the best way to learn English? I've been studing since I was a child and I can't speak well good night for all!! I want to think that more people who are here now, that they have the same problem like me. How is posible to be studing during years and not to learn still speak a idiom? Can be that we won´t learn never? because I begin to feel desperate!
Mar 4, 2014 10:40 PM
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i think its better to speak english with urself in front of mirror! and listen and watch movies and try to reapit wih loud voice
March 4, 2014
In my experience with the students I've taught, the students who practice their conversation skills more are much better at speaking confidently in English. The more you speak to others in English, the better you'll get. Like anything else, you have to practice.
March 5, 2014
I have had the same problem with Spanish, I have been studying Spanish, off and on, for 15 years, and I can understand a lot that I read, but when I listen to someone speak, I understand very little. Sometimes I have felt like giving up. Recently I have concentrated on a lot of reading and listening, and it seems to help build my vocabulary. I know I need more practice talking to real people, but I'm so bad at it, I don't want to bore the Spanish speakers. I probably make their brain hurt! But maybe if you're bad in English and I'm bad in Spanish we could both drive each other crazy and maybe help each other :)
March 4, 2014
Watch videos .movies.lestin to a songs alot.find a friends on skype.. i have same your problem send a request to me if you like to help each other.. saher.amer8
March 4, 2014
I will be happy to tutor you. I am a native English speaker who was born and raised in America.
March 4, 2014
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