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iska tarjuma kya hai urdu mein " the wind blew violently" ??
Mar 5, 2014 7:12 AM
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The Wind blew violently Translation in Urdu will be like this: Tund -oh - Teez Hawayan. 1. Tund -oh- Teez = Blew Violent 2. Hawayan = Wind.
March 5, 2014
"The air blew" is translated as "hawa chali" (literally: the air went) ہوا چلی The air is blowing = hawa chal rahi he ہوا چل رہی ہے Using the adverb "voilently" (shiddat se) or "very fast" (bohat tezi se) hawa bohat tezi se (/shiddat se) chali ہوا بہت تیزی سے چلی۔ ہوا شدت سے چلی ْ It is also common to use adjectives "bohat tez, shadid, "sakht" voilent air blew = bohat tez hawa chali, shadid hawa chali, sakht hawa chali ,بہت تیز ہوا چلی، شدید ہوا چلی، سخت ہوا چلی۔ tund-o-tez تندوتیز is a persian compound used to denote the adjective "fast" (o meanst "and") tund-o-tez hawa chali تندو تیز ہوا چلی
March 6, 2014
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