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how to say in arabic "cover me! (at work)" for example you say to your friend at work " im going for a break , please cover me" (take care of my responsibility whilst im absent)
Mar 5, 2014 7:33 AM
Answers · 4
قم بالتغطية علي or قم بتعويضي في موقع عملي
March 5, 2014
I don't know any Arabic equivalent, ln Tunisia we say 'couvriny' from French 'couvre moi'=cover me
March 5, 2014
simply we say : اقعد مكانى or خليك مكانى
March 5, 2014
يجب أن أقوم بعمل ما ، من فضلك إنتبة علي عملي لحين عودتي Yagib an aqoum bi amal ma, min fadlik entabih ala amali lihin awdati. I have to do something, please take care about my work until my back. I hope that help.
March 5, 2014
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