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How can I say "No, I don't" ? Like when negating that you don't like someone.
Mar 5, 2014 4:51 PM
Answers · 4
아니야! 안 좋아해! NO, I don't like ( this is informal, just use it when you talk to your close friends or someone same age as you ) 아니요! 안 좋아해요! 그사람을 안 좋아해요! NO, I don't like, I don't like that person! ( more polite ) 그사람을 싫어요 ! I hate that person
March 6, 2014
Maybe " 아니요. 안 좋아해요." ? 이사람은 안 좋아해요. " I don't like this person" ?
March 5, 2014
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