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Igor Coelho
When vowels sounds like other vowels? One thing that I've noticed in russian is that sometimes "A" sounds like "I" and "O" sounds like "A", example: Рука and пока
6 de Mar de 2014 às 02:22
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"o" is pronounced "a" in the syllable right before the stressed syllable: пока́ [пака́]; and also as the first letter of any word, when it's unstressed: оборо́т [абаро́т]. "a" sounds like 'i' in the syllables ча and ща right before the stress: часы́ [чисы́]. Otherwise, any syllable containing "я" right before the stress is pronounced "i": тяну́ть [тину́ть], объяснять [аб.исня́ть].
6 de Março de 2014
Igor Coelho
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