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There's lots to do in New York. Is this correct grammaticaly? There's lots to do in New York. I think It would be "There're lots to do in New York."or"There's a lot to do in New York."or put "of" between LOT and DO.
6 mar 2014 04:28
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It's one hundred percent correct. The verb does not have to agree with "lots" (which is technically plural) but with the noun modified (the true subject). The full sentence might be "There's lots of stuff to do in New York." "Lot's of" is not the subject, but is merely serving as a modifier. Other examples: "There's a lot of beer," "There's lots of beer," "There's much beer." All three have the exact same meaning, so all three are in the singular. (Although the use of "much" in affirmative statements is a bit unusual in contemporary English.) "Lots of" is not the subject; it is just a modifier for "beer," the real subject. In your examples, the real subject is "stuff," not "lots." By the way.. is this a line from a classic Broadway musical?
6 marzo 2014
Since "lot's is plural, it's "There are lots to do in NY" / 'There's lots' is slang.
6 marzo 2014
I mean "of things"
6 marzo 2014
Hi :) The original is correct! But you can also say 'There's a lot to do in New York'. 'They're lots to do in New York' is not correct. Hope this helps :-)
6 marzo 2014
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