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what does the “beaudy” and “slewcin” mean? `Well, I was like ... like here I am, man. But like I do this cutback off the lip and then there's water all over the place and I'm upside down and ... like before when I'm out there and I see the Curler barrelling up I'm like, "Hey! I'm outta here!" and like when I'm in the tube I'm like, "Oh, you beaudy" and I'm slewcin' —' `Slewcin'?' `Oh, mate! Like I'm rippin' along, spankin' the spray and it's really filthy but it's like, "What am I, mate?" You with me? I'm not thinkin', I'm just in there and it's on and like, man, then next thing I know — cowabunga!'
2014年3月6日 08:15
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This is surfer slang. "Beaudy" is probably meant to be "beauty. "Slewcin" is probably how he is riding the wave.
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