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How to write in pinyin certain characters... Do you know how to get in Ubuntu the first (āēīōū) and third Chinese tone (ǎěǐǒǔ)? Since my keyboard is Spanish, i do use the french âêîôû instead of the right third tone, and the Spanish äëïöü for the first one, but it would be nice to write them correctly. For example. This is what i can easily produce with my keyboard: Jïntiän 2014 nián, èr yuè, èrshíbä hào, xïngqïwû And this is what i'd like to get: Jīntiān 2014 nián, èr yuè, èrshíbā hào, xīngqīwǔ I asked the same in the category to learn Chinese but as reminded me one of the users, Chinese people don't actually write the tones of the pinyin. For example, to write 你好, they write "nihao" in the input method and then pick the correct character from a list of candidates. Thank you!
6 de Mar de 2014 às 08:18
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It's true that when we type characters, we just type the pinyin without tones.
7 de Março de 2014
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